My Offerings

In over 25 years of practising aromatic therapies and working with natural plant and tree essences, I have seen a dramatic increase in people struggling to cope with everyday life. The challenges we all are facing seem to gain intensity, making it harder to keep body, mind and emotions balanced. Stopping the clock every so often is becoming a necessity, allowing the body/mind to recharge.

Some things never change. Nature, although in apparent distress, still follows her cyclical patterns. She adapts and realigns, and in so doing is teaching us to do the same. The true essence I found within my being has over the years led me to fine tune my services to how I am currently operating.

Working with essential oils on a daily basis involves wearing a number of hats:

formulating and handcrafting exclusive aromatherapy based skincare; creating botanical perfumes; mentoring and tutoring budding natural fragrance enthusiasts, and most importantly – keeping my hands nimble by giving heart centred aromatic face and body treatments.


Dip. Aromatherapy (holistic, clinical, medical, aesthetic); Dip. Spiritual PhytoEssencing; Cert. Reflexology, Manual Lymph Drainage (Vodder technique), Reiki III, Gemstone and Colour Therapy.