The Joy of Clary Sage


Diamonds are a girl’s best friends  …so is Clary Sage!

Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) in the Aromatherapy world is known as the safer and less potent (bio-chemically) cousin of Sage (Salvia officinalis). Of course Sage is a popular herb, both in the kitchen and in herbal medicine. Every reputable kitchen garden features a Sage plant; strangely enough though I have met many gardeners who are growing it, but don’t really know what to do with it. When it comes to Clary Sage, even less people are familiar with this fabulous plant.

Many years ago, while on a working holiday in Provence, I was very fortunate to have been invited to participate in distilling Clary Sage. What an experience! Clary’s reputation for inducing euphoria certainly deserves serious consideration.

The name Sclarea comes from the Greek word skeria meaning ‘hardness’ – for its flowers are shaped displaying a hard point. Others suggest it derives from the Latin word clarus meaning ‘clear.

This crossing point of the terms ‘hardness’ and ‘clear’ are an important soul-nature signature which suggests that Clary Sage oil has an inherent relationship with the diamond, the hardest, and one of the clearest of all gemstones. In fact, Clary Sage oil and diamond gem essence are highly synergistic.

In the past herbalists used Clary Sage to treat visual problems; eye irritation and inflammation, and to dislodge foreign particles in the eye.

In Aromatherapy practice Clary Sage oil has many benefits and applications. In particular it has been found to be very beneficial for disorders of the digestive system; states of depression, anxiety and panic; hormone imbalances and issues related to the female reproductive system. On a spiritual level the oil is thought to dispel illusion, aid dreams; enhance spiritual inspiration and intuitive thought processes.

For gemstone healing the diamond is used to balance the inner light, and to open the 3rd eye and crown chakras. Similarly, diamond gem essence is used to clarify the 6th chakra. On the spiritual plane, the diamond is considered to be representative of the pure focus of energy emanating from God’s Father or Will aspect.

You can begin to see the correlation between Clary sage and the diamond revealing itself.

Philippe Mailhebiau writes in his Portraits in Oils:”One big difference from Salvia officinalis [Sage] is its fragrance; the smell of Salvia sclarea is very particular and leaves behind a feeling of something unfinished, like a fruit that is still green…

Its predilection is for gynaecological pathologies and ailments, the source of numerous troubles and disturbances to the general equilibrium in women, particularly young girls.

It is, moreover, interesting to note that if the passage from initial barrenness to fertility is inwardly experienced as problematic and consequently brings with it a number of psycho-physiological disturbances typical of Salvia sclarea, these difficulties will reappear with the menopause, when passing from fertility to the second period of barrenness.” 

In Spiritual PhytoEssencing we consider Clary Sage for those cases of female hormonal and reproductive system dysfunction where there has been a serious breach in the relationship with the father (e.g., weak relationship with the father; absentee father; lack of insight and guidance from the father; weak male influence perpetuated in adult relationships with men).  In other words, Clary Sage is more likely to be a specific for female reproductive system disorders when male and female, father and mother, father and daughter or husband and wife have turned their backs to one another.

Here we see this father/diamond association with Clary Sage confirmed, making it into a feature point of reference for the oil’s application to its full potential.

Next time you inhale some Clary Sage let your inner diamond sparkle!


Bibliography: Mailhebiau, Philippe – Portraits in Oils 1995, C.W. Daniel Company Limited, Salvia sclarea p.85, 86