Essence of Gaia Sophia


Artwork by Martina Hoffmann,



Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom, morphed into Gaia, Planet Earth – our eternal Mother.

She is the Source of Life, as we know it. Revering and honouring Her is part of our human animal nature. Living in harmony and balance with all non-human animals is our hallowed contract we entered into at the beginning of time. 

We took on the stewardship for all Her kingdoms – mineral, plant and animal – gaining in return the endless bounty each one gifts us with, for sustaining body, mind and spirit.

Essential oils and all other aromatic plant extracts form the ‘tools of my trade’.

These sacred fragrant compounds carry inherent infinite wisdom, Sophia’s Wisdom.

 Learning all I can about the potential healing benefits of natural fragrance extracted from plants has consumed a large part of of my life, and what a joyous, at times tearful, journey it has been!

I now offer this knowledge to you, so you too may discover the awe and rapture a subtle fragrance can evoke in you… 


Photograph courtesy of Tin Man Lee Photography

 Power Animals, Chakras, Gemstones & Essential Oils

These, and more are incorporated in unique blending techniques I employ to create deeply transformational oil blends.

Discover these techniques never before presented in Australia – they will forever change your approach to using natural plant and tree essences. Learn how to engage in Imaginal Consciousness to craft your own personal aromatic creations.

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