Botanical Perfumes


Botanical Perfumes – Sacred Fragrances

In the world of fragrance, Sacred Fragrances hold a very special place.


Situational Blends

Births, weddings, anniversaries, funerals – any event we humans celebrate, become so much more meaningful when we add a unique fragrance to the celebration.Whether we wish to remember, honour or pay tribute to a person, pet or a situation, our experience is enriched by engaging our sense of smell.

Botanical Perfumes 

In this part of the olfactory journey we play with aromatic plant essences and extracts that are part of the following families: balsamic, woody, spicy, coniferous, herbaceous, medicated, green, floral, fruity, citrus, and an amalgamation of two or more.

Formulations in this category are pre-set. Base carriers include organic Jojoba oil and olive-based emollients, substituting silicone. Prices start at $56 for 15ml. For a full list with descriptions and prices email me


Bespoke Botanical Perfumes